Does the school's philosophy and approach to massage and wellness correspond to your own way of thinking?
   While placing proper emphasis on the technical aspects of massage and bodywork, East-West emphasizes a holistic approach, exploring  various philosophies such as: the mind-body connection involved in health and healing, Western medicine compared to Eastern medicine, etc.

Does the school provide introductory sessions in its curriculum to acquaint the student with adjuncts to the main massage program?
   In addition to the core bodywork courses, students become acquainted with related subjects, such as Aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine and Acupressue, and Lymph Drainage Therapy. These can be quite helpful in future career choices or continuing education.

Does the instructional staff have strong credentials in ALL aspects of education, massage-related experience, and teaching experience?
   We have an in-depth instructional staff, all having excellent credentials in education, extensive backgrounds doing massage and bodywork, and long-term teaching experience. In addition, they each specialize in one or more areas of study, which ensures students learn state-of-the-art skills in each element of their training. 

Is the school involved in continuing education programs?
   East-West offers continuing education classes for  therapists who wish to broaden their skills, meet PA State Licensing requirements, or brush up on certain techniques.
The cost of these couses of study is maintained at a very reasonable rate.

Is the cost of tuition reasonable?
   Our tuition costs for both Therapeutic Massage and Shiatsu Therapy are very reasonable. If comparing tuition costs to other schools, it is important to note the total supervised classroom hours involved. Some schools include outside-of- classroom hours in their program totals, and students must pay for this as part of their tuition.

Is the hands-on supervised massage instruction more than 50% of the total classroom hours?
  It should be (and is, at East-West)—in a good, typical 650-hour program.

Does the curriculum include a solid, practical background in the business aspects of the massage profession?
   We have a solid course in professional business development. We recognize that graduates need strong skills in marketing, goal-setting, financial and business management, and communications to achieve success. Instructors have extensive experience in massage business start-up and operations. Prior graduates, who have established their own bodywork businesses, are invited to address current students to share first-hand experience.

Is the school dedicated to teaching only massage and bodywork, or does the massage program represent a small part of their overall educational offerings?
   You should expect strong personal attention, with reliance on a competent staff to guide you in the many choices of a massage career. At East-West, the synergy of the school and the massage service business provides vast networking potential. This enables us to be aware of opportunities which we bring to the attention of students. We also track our graduates to maintain a record of their career experience.

Is the school involved in community outreach programs?
    In a well-rounded learning experience, outreach should play an important role.  At East-West, our students take part, along with our staff, in community outreach by volunteering massage and bodywork at events such at Cancer Relay for Life, Hospital Nurses Week, High School Health Fairs, etc.

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