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East-West offers continuing education classes for  therapists who wish to broaden their skills, meet PA State Licensing requirements, or brush up on certain techniques. Therefore, costs for these workshops are maintained at reasonable rates. To register, contact Bonnie Yerger at 610 375-7520, or email: ewenergydept@gmail.com

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September 13 and September 20
Sundays 10am to 2pm 
$200,  8 CEU's

Learn how to apply holistic healing in a practical manner by affecting change in the body’s energy network using the properties of “acupoints.” Acupuncture is a proven and accepted method for promoting healing.
These same points, however, can also be a vehicle for applying a variety of methods to bring about energetic changes. The focus here will be on Acupressure, although other ways to treat acupoints will be covered: magnetic therapy, sound (vibrational) therapy, moxibuston (heat), essental oils, and laser therapy. Many of
these applications have proven effective in reducing pain, promotIng healing, relieving common physical and mental issues: headaches, back pain, arthritis pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, constipatIon, hiccups, lower blood pressure, and many more. We will go beyond simple singular point application to explore many
point combinations exemplified by the works of Asian Medicine doctors and scientists, such as Yoshio Manaka, Kiiko Matsumoto, Kyra Abbate, et.al. For example, we will demo extraordinary vessel treatment in combination with Manaka’s ion pumping cords (very powerful treatments for common conditions). These techniques and applications are not intended to replace standard medical care of Western Medicine. They are to be considered an integrative practice in an adjunctive manner. We will highlight contraindications for any of the above
techniques. Many of these lend themselves to home therapy, with the added benefit that they can easily be incorporated into many other modes of bodywork and energy healing.

Instructor: Rod McGrath Sr., Certified Zen Shiatsu Instructor,AOBTA

Ethically Evolving: Staying Current in the Ever-Changing Field of Massage Therapy
September 19 
Saturday 9am to 1pm
 $100,  4 CEU's

This ethics course is designed to show the massage therapist the importance of learning and implementing current information to be used when communicating and working with clients, colleagues and the public. Highlights include ways that the massage therapy profession is evolving, myths vs. facts, how and where to
find the latest relevant research, and different ways to locate massage therapy experts and researchers. The purpose of this course is to teach massage therapists that it is their ethical obligation to keep learning and evolving as professionals in order to offer relevant information and safe, respectful care.
Fulfills Standard V. Roles and Boundaries as required by the PA State Board of Massage Therapy.

Instructor: Lin Roussel, LMT
To register, please call 717-271-6669

Soft Tissue Release 1
September 26
Saturday, 10am to 2pm
$100,  4 CEU's

Learn/review easy powerful techniques to bring rapid pain relief for many common injuries and 
painful conditions.  These workshops will cover basic principles and techniques to bring about relief for lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, sciatica, and more. A second workshop is scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd.

Instructor: Laurie Holland, LMT

Chakra 102 Workshop
September 27
Sunday 9:45-2:15pm
$100,  4 CEU's
NOTE: Outside Location Bethel Area 19507-Rain or Shine

Connect with the 7 Main Energy Wheels of the body during this workshop. You
will be guided through poses connected to each chakra, tap into your creativity
with an art project and finish with sound therapy tune up with tuning forks. Bring
awareness and activate the 7 Main Chakras during this workshop. Bring yoga mat
and blanket. Lunch will be provided.
Bonnie Yerger, Reiki Master, LMT.
Rachel Hobbs, Reiki Master and Art Guide
Michelle Lecatsas, Reiki Master, Sound Therapist and Music Teacher 

​SoftTissue Release 2
October 3
 Saturday 10am to 2pm
 $100 4 CEU's

Review of Soft Tissue Release for upper body. Frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel,
thoracic outlet.

Instructor: Laurie Holland, LMT

October 4 , Sunday 10am to 2pm $100 4 CEU
This workshop provides basic instruction for beginners wishing to learn
Qigong and T’ai Chi.

QIGONG: The study and practice of nurturing our life force by
cultivating and strengthening our internal energy—”Chi”). The focus is
on a series of slow, gentle movements and breathing exercises which help
us to balance and coordinate our internal energy to maintain good
health. It also helps us to develop calmness, awareness, good posture,
balance, and stability. It can provide a foundation for one entering
into a T’ai Chi practice. For those in the healing arts, it is a good
method to help in feeling energy, sensing energy and projecting energy
in working with clients. It also can be used as a very effective form
of meditation. Some of the potential benefits (along with T’ai Chi), are
to improve symptoms such as: arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, blood
pressure, chronic fatigue.
T’AI CHI: An exercise involving the body, mind and spirit. The focus is
on the basic principles of body alignment, relaxation, stillness within
movement , and centering the mind. It is sometimes referred to as a
moving meditation in that it aids in keeping our mind in the present
moment. These principles carry over to our daily lives, providing
improved focus and less stress. It also helps to increase flexibility and

Instructor: Rod McGrath Sr., Certified Zen Shiatsu Instructor, AOBTA

Essentials of Oncology-Just the Facts
October 10. Saturday 9am to 5pm $200 8 CEU
Massage therapy for individuals with cancer used to be contraindicated. Nowadays with
the right training and experience, massage therapists can safely use skilled touch to help
soothe pain, discomfort, insomnia, anxiety and much more! In this one day, fast paced,
comprehensive course, we focus on what we CAN DO for those living with cancer or are
in early remission using safe techniques to not only touch someone physically, but
spiritually and emotionally as well. Cancer massage research, myths, and facts,
precautions, contraindications, considerations, safety for the therapist and the client,
medication guidelines and how the mind-body connection is so important in this work
are taught in this fast paced interactive class. Safe techniques for lymphedema,
neuropathy, and touch for the medically frail, as well as draping and positions are
demonstrated. This is a lecture class only-with some demo and no hands-on practice.

Instructor: Lin Roussel, LMT
Please register with Lin Roussel at: 717-271-6669

Jin Shin Jyutsu 101
October 17
Saturday 10am-2pm
 $100 4 CEU's

Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) is a Japanese healing art of releasing tension and
harmonizing life energy. JSJ works to balance specific energetic pathways and
circulation patterns in the body.
Along the energetic pathways are vital energy centers called "Safety Energy
Locks" (SELs). Hand placements on the SELs are used in specific sequences to restore the
energy flow and bring balance to body, mind, and spirit.
This workshop will include:
+ An introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu
+ A guided hands on Self-help Meditation
+ Self-help exercises to release tension caused by daily stress and fatigue.
+ Simple applications to use for others.

 Justin McClure, Jyustu®Practioner.Instructor

Herbology Introduction
October 24
Saturday 10am-2pm
 $100 4 CEU's
In this class, we will make Herbal infused body oils. These are made by infusing plant oils (such as olive,
coconut, or sunflower oil) with healing botanicals such as rosemary, calendula,
rose, lavender, arnica, St. John’s Wort and comfrey. They are used for skin care,
massage, bath oil, and general first aid. Each student will make 2 oils in class.
Queen of Hungary’s Water. This is an ancient vinegar-based flower and herb
infusion created by the Roma of eastern Europe. It is an all-purpose astringent
toner that cleanses deeply and balances pH of skin, scalp, and hair.
Students should bring fresh flowers and garden herbs and two 32-oz mason jars.
Instructor: Karen Palcho

Ethics Review
October 25
Sunday 10am-12pm
 $100 4 CEU's

Instructor-Laurie Holland, LMT