The Zen Shiatsu Therapy study program is offered only in evening classes, with new sessions beginning every September. Classes meet two evenings per week, 6-10PM and one weekend day per month, 9AM to 4PM. The Shiatsu program is presented in 3 graded levels of study, requiring 12 months for completion. Upon successful conclusion, the student is awarded a Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy.
Level 1: Basic Shiatsu – 80 Classroom Hours
Traditional Chinese Medicine – 35 Hours
Introductory Chinese Medicine Theory/Philosophy, incl. Yin/Yang, Qi, 5-Elements & Correspondences; Significant Tsubo Locations; Basic Assessment Evaluations; Introduction to T’ai Chi and Qigong; Classical Meridians, Locations & Indications

Shiatsu Techniques – 45 Hours
Shiatsu History and Theory; Basic Shiatsu Sequence/Techniques; 5-Element Hara Assessment; Acupressure Applications; Contraindications; Zen Shiatsu Kyo/Jitsu Concepts; and 10 Out-of-Class Practice Sessions w/Documentation

Level 2: Intermediate Shiatsu – 130 Classroom Hours
Traditional Chinese Medicine Studies – 50 Hours
Additional Acupressure Point Studies/Applications; 5-Vital Substances; Causes of Disharmony; "Diagnostic" Techniques (Looking, Listening, Questioning, Touching); Evaluation/Treatment Appoaches, incl. 6 Divisions, Yu (Shu) Points, Bo (Mu) Points, 8 Principles/Zang-Fu Concepts, Acupuncture Demo & Lecture; T’ai Chi Yang Style Short Form

Shiatsu Techniques and Applications – 80 Hours
Alternate Client Positioning (Seated, Prone, Supine, Side-Lying); Working Meridians with Alternate Methods; Zen Shiatsu Theory; Masunaga's Hara Diagnosis; Masunaga Extended Meridians; Advanced Stretching (Shiatsu, Makko-Ho, PNF, AIS); 10 Out-of-Class Practice Sessions w/Documentation

Level 3: Shiatsu Practitioner – 210 Classroom Hours
Traditional Chinese Medicine Studies – 60 Hours
Continuing Acupoint Applications (Transporting Points, Source Points, Supplementation & Drainage); Moxibustion Studies & Application; Extraordinary Vessels (Descriptions, Functions, Locations, Acupressure Applications); Magnetic Therapy (Related to 5-Phases, Extraordinary Vessels w/ Manaka Ion Pumping); Vibrational Therapy; Qigong Healing & Meditation

Shiatsu Techniques and Applications – 150 Hours
Shintai Shiatsu (Postural Assessments, Physical/Energy Relationship, Corrective Techniques); Seitai Shiatsu (Specialized Sequence related to lymph flow); Soft Tissue Release Techniques & Applications to Zen Shiatsu; Supervised In-House Clinic w/Documentation and Client Feedback (70 of 150 Hours)

Additional Studies
To complete required studies for granting a Diploma, students must take:
Anatomy & Physiology ------------- 160 Hrs
Professional Development ---------- 40 Hrs
These courses can be taken concurrently with Shiatsu studies; at the conclusion of the 
    3  levels of the Shiatsu program; or prior to beginning the Shiatsu program.

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Zen Shiatsu--Harmonizing the Body's Energy Network Based on Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Zen Shiatsu Program--600Hrs