Both day and evening classes are offered. Day classes meet Monday through Thursday, 9:15AM to 1:15PM, requiring 10 months for completion. Evening classes meet two evenings per week (6 to 10PM), plus 2 Saturdays per month, 9AM to 5PM, requiring 11 months for completion. New day and evening sessions begin in September and February. At graduation, the student is awarded a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage. In addition to the main subjects involving full body massage and A&P, sufficient class time is spent introducing students to other bodywork topics in order to assist them in making career choices and ascertaining interest in advanced studies. 

Core Bodywork Courses                        
        Therapeutic Massage                                     
        Swedish Massage                                         
        Deep Tissue                                                            
        Seated Massage                                     
        Soft Tissue Release                                
        Student Clinics        

Adjunctive Courses 
       A&P and Pathology      
       Prof. Devel. & Business 
       Sports Massage    
       Energy Therapies  

Specialty Courses 
 Pregnant  Massage     
 Geriatric Massage    
  Myofascial Release  
  Hot Stone Massage
  CPR (Red Cross)

               TOTAL HOURS  650

Core Courses
Therapeutic Massage – 132 Hours
This course will introduce the student to the theory and practice of therapeutic massage. Students learn proper body mechanics along with draping and positioning procedures for full sequence massage. Students focus on the major categories of massage movement and learn variations of each. Also covered are rhythm, pressure, and pacing as applied to therapeutic massage. Other topics include history of massage, physiological and psychological benefits of massage, indicators and contraindications, ethics, sanitary and safety procedures, SOAP. charting, and self-practice measures to minimize therapist injury.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz and hands-on test.

Swedish Massage – 44 Hours
Students learn a full body Swedish massage routine, noting differences between this and Therapeutic massage techniques. Through demonstration and practice, students know the divisions of the 5 main massage strokes and understand the physiological effects.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz and hands-on test.

Deep Tissue – 12 Hours
This mostly hands-on course provides emphasis on proper body mechanics, stroke speed and approach angle. These techniques enable the therapist to apply deep tissue work with very little physical effort and, at the same time, minimize wear and tear to wrists and thumbs. These skills can be incorporated into existing sequences, or can be modified to apply in a more superficial manner.
   Grade Criteria: Hands-on test.

Reflexology – 32 Hours
Principles of Reflexology are studied along with the location of reflex areas and points of both the hands and feet. Students learn how to apply various reflexology and relaxation techniques to balance energy, release tension and increase vitality. Included are thumb & finger walking, procedural sequence, history, theories, anatomical functions, symptoms and disorders.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz and hands-on test.

Seated Massage – 28 Hours
Students learn a 20-minute Chair Massage routine. Includes proper body mechanics, mechanical use of massage chairs, benefits, contraindicatiions, marketplace tools, pace and flow of technique.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz and hands-on test.

Soft Tissue Release – 24 Hours
Students learn methods of combined pressure and stretching to restore contracted or damaged muscle tissue. Specific problems are assessed and techniques applied to relieve pain and problems such as carpal tunnel, lower back ache, frozen shoulder, whiplash, and plantar fasciitis. Soft tissue release can easily be incorporated with other forms of bodywork.
   Grade Criteria: Hands-on test.

Student Clinics-30 Hours
Students are supervised in performing hour-long therapeutic massages. 

Adjunctive Courses
A&P and Pathology – 180 Hours
This comprehensive course provides the student with a firm foundation of basic anatomy, physiology, and pathlology—skills that are needed to communicate well with clients, therapists, and others associated with the medical profession. Beginning with anatomical terminology, cytology (cells), and histology (tissue), all body systems are then studied in some detail. A strong empahsis is placed on the skeletal and muscular systems.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz and hands-on test.

Aromatherapy – 24 Hours
This course introduces the student to therapeutic benefits and uses of aromatherapy. Topics explained are the history of aromatherapy and the use of aromatics, the properties of essential oils, blending techniques, choosing the correct carrier methods, and contraindications. Hands-on blending practice and a massage routine are included.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz.

Professional Development & Business – 32 Hours
This course assists the student in making wise career choices. Students define their goals and prepare to establish a private practice or apply for employment. Other topics include professional ethics, marketing, basics of accounting, creating a business plan, writing resumes and preparation for interviews, computer applications, and communication skills. Students also research and present a 20 minute oral report based on a particular facet of massage/bodywork.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz.

Outreach – 12 Hours
Students participate in outreach programs by providing massage and bodywork at special events, such as Cancer Relay for Life, Community College Health Fair, Reading Hospital Nurses Week. These events take place after the student has achieved adequate training and skill in the particular bodywork application.

Sports Massage – 20 Hours
This course covers techniques for pre-event, post-event and during-training massage. Students learn fundamentals of assessment for particular injuries and how to effectively apply techniques to the athlete. Stretching techniques are covered in detail—Static, Active Isolated, and PNF approaches to flexibility.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz 

Energy Therapies & Asian Bodywork – 28 Hours
Review and assessment of alternative therapies that come under the general heading of "energy work." More detailed introductory topics include Polarity Therapy, Thai Massage, Shiatsu Therapy, and Chinese Medicine/Acupressure.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz.

Specialty Topics
Pregnant  Massage – 4 Hours
Pregnancy massage covers client positioning and contraindications along with basic pregnancy massage techniques.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz.

Geriatric Massage – 4 Hours
Geriatric massage emphasizes how our elderly population is in great need of touch therapy and how to modify learned techniques in an approriate manner.
   Grade Criteria: Written quiz.

Myofascial Release--8 Hours
Myofascial release is a technique that releases adhesions and knots in the fascia layers surrounding the muscles. In these classes a certified Rolfer therapist will show you how to break up fascial adhesions and how to release frozen muscles from the surrounding tissue.

Hot Stone Therapy--20 Hours
Students learn how to give a full body hot stone massage by using hot and cold stones. Emphasis will be on the various methods that stones can be used to give a warm, relaxing massage.
   Grade criteria: Hands on Test

CPR (Red Cross Training)--8 Hours
Students are taught CPR and the fundamentals of first aid.  The use of a
external defibrillator is also taught, along with how to deal with breathing 
emergencies,  bleeding, and other injuries. Hands on use of a CPR manikin is utilized.  

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Therapeutic Massage Program- 650 Hrs